Genie: Ideas in the cloud



Ideas in the cloud

Genie is a reliable cloud based solution serving millions of STB solutions with personalized EPG, VOD, interactive content, and provide features such as predictive Search and Audience Measurements.

Online EPG
Genie’s Online EPG service provides up to twenty nine days of future EPG data, including event meta data such as posters and links to external data bases (e.g. You can now look and plan further than the standard (DVB) 7 days with more appealing content.

VOD Meta Data Optimization
Resources (memory& processing power) on an STB are often very limited. Genie’s VOD Meta Data Optimization prepares the VOD meta data in such a way that the STB can consume the data most efficiently, using as minimal resources as possible. The Genie interface provides great flexibility to serve many different STB clients, all with their own specific meta data optimization.

Multi-source predicitive search
Genie provides a powerful search interface that can even combine different sources, such as EPG, VOD and powerful third party sources, into one search result. It has a very fast predictive response, after each typed character the search is narrowed and the matching assets are shown within the blink of an eye.

Appstore and TV Widgets
TeleIDEA bridges the gap and brings the internet and TV experience together through a virtually unlimited pool of widget applications. Easily create using state-of-the art technologies including HTML5, Flash, RSS and JavaScript. Manage and control your application store using the Genie AppStore where you can create, publish and accept third party widgets.

Audience Measurement
Audience measurement is a powerful tool to decide on marketing and advertising strategies. The TeleIDEA audience measurement application collects (anonymous) data regarding users watching and purchase behavior. This allows generation of statistics that can be used to target advertisements or form a basis to decide program schedules or the content that is placed in an on-demand offering.